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Informational, Education, and sometimes Irrational Blog Posting of a Disgruntled Luthier…

Got Wiring Issues?

Wiring can sometimes be tricky. I’ve decided to give everyone a quick rundown of some things to watch out for.…

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No Bull Lifetime Warranty

Our guitars come with a no-bull Lifetime Warranty. As long as you own the guitar, all repairs are covered.

No questions asked.

No matter where you are on the road, we’ll find a tech, schedule it, and get it taken care of.

We’re with you for life. You can even send your BMFM guitar direct to us and the hands that built it, will be the hands that repair it. No contract required or membership fees collected.

Simply excellent quality craftsmanship backed up by the hands that built them.

Hand Crafted

Every guitar is cut, sanded, shaped, finished, and setup by one Luthier. The same hands that start the project, end the project.

We pride ourselves on finding the perfect combination of craftsmanship and electronics to compliment each other in a way you, and your audience, can truly appreciate.

True Traditions

True to the traditions of 17th century violin makers our finishes and sealers are made in-house using 400 year old techniques. What was good enough for Antonio Stradavari is surely good enough for us.

Our ingredients are sourced form all over the world to ensure perfect harmony with each application.

Flawless Audio

We use only Unicrystaline OCC Ohno wiring within our guitars for near-lossless tone transfer from your fingertips to your amplifier.

Combining modern technology with centuries of skilled craftsmanship we believe we’ve come up with the perfect combination of tone and technique to bring out the audiophile in each of you.

Hand crafted guitars made in southern Mississippi.

There’s no need to stand at the crossroad for a quality guitar. You can keep your soul…
this time…

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